The Elders of First (Evangelical) Presbyterian Church begin with the proposition that marriage is a holy institution, ordained by God from the beginning in the Garden of Eden as noted in Genesis 1-2.

Its purpose, its sanctity and the depth of the required commitment were reemphasized by Jesus Christ, who instructed that the two, who become one flesh, are never divinely intended to be divorced, and that adultery is a destructive sin to the marriage relationship and one’s relationship with God.

We believe that Christian marriage is a covenant between one man and one woman*, founded on their personal commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, those joined in this union are those who have professed Christ and who are church members here or in another Christian church whose leadership also agrees fully with this statement.

We consider that wedding services are worship services before God, conducted in His honor according to His Word. We seek to please Him in these services, both for the joy of worshiping Him in celebration, and in order to be able to ask Him to bless the marriage.

A Wedding Policy book, including applicable fees, is available for pick-up in the church office.

Weddings need to be scheduled months in advance in order to allow adequate time for premarital counseling with the pastor.  Premarital counseling consists of 5-6 sessions of approximately 1.5 hours each.  Contact Pastor Bruce for further details.

If you would like more specific information about weddings in general, please contact our church office.

*One man and one woman as genetics would define them.