Sampling Of Special Church Events

Barton Park Picnic & Baptisms: Each year in late summer we gather at Barton Park for a picnic and baptisms in the Clackamas River.  The church provides the chicken and we all pitch in for the rest; making for a great pot-luck!  Yumm!  Then we gather along the banks of the river and celebrate our common life in Christ together and enjoy the depth (no pun intended) and richness of baptism for those who are ready.  It’s really a lot of fun and spiritually one of the most meaningful events all year.

Christmas Advent Workshop: An annual event normally on the last Sunday in November.  For a few hours in the afternoon our crafty volunteers set up tables for us to join and make Christmas crafts together.  It’s a great event for the whole family.

Christmas Table Carol Dinner: Yearly we gather for a evening of great food (prepared by the church) and served by our youth groups followed by special music and singing many Christmas carols together; both secular and sacred.  This is very family friendly and sets the mood for Christmas so well!

Christmas Eve Service: Instrumental Christmas music begins at 6:45 PM followed by a full candle-light worship service at 7 PM.  Very family friendly!

Ash Wednesday: A pot luck dinner together for those who wish to observe Lent and get started in the right spirit.

Pentecost BBQ: On Pentecost Sunday our special crew of BBQ chefs prepare a wonderful chicken lunch for everyone along with potato salad and other goodies.  This smells so good tastes even better!

Church Campout: At the tail end of summer we break out the tents and RV’s and head into the outdoors for a weekend of recreation, food, games and fellowship.