Graduation Recognition Sunday June 3rd.

We will be celebrating the success of our graduates in worship on June 3rd.

Men’s Day Retreat June 16th

The men will be having a retreat a Hopkins Demonstration Forest on June 16th from 10 am – 5 pm.  A BBQ lunch is planned.  Special speaker is Dr. Dennis Henderson (who has led some of our prior retreats).  Cost is only $10 and is nearby for driving.  There are wonderful forest trails to walk and a stream too.  It should be fun.

Pentecost & Church BBQ May 20th

Pentecost celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit and the missional, worldwide spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  To celebrate, we’ll be having a BBQ after worship featuring chicken and other good eats.  Dress casually and come to celebrate Pentecost with family and friends; and make new friends!

Also, Young Life Canby will leading our worship that Sunday too, so we’ll all get to experience Young Life together!  It’s a harvest party!

Sermon Series: Revelation

Revelation is a fascinating book, and variously interpreted.  Join us Sunday mornings as we explore the last book of the Bible and what it means for us all today!

Facebook Live Worship

Each week we live broadcast our worship service on Facebook, which begins at 10 am.  Join in by clicking this link to take you to our Facebook site

If you text us during worship we will most likely be able to respond as well.

God bless you!