Health & Safety Measures For Worship

When you come to worship (someday) this is what you can anticipate:

1. Everyone enters through two main doors in the narthex.

2. Everyone will have their temperature taken with a no-contact forehead thermometer (we have two of them at church).

3. Everyone will either be given drops of hand sanitizer or will apply their own upon entry.

4. Everyone will bring a mask and wear it for singing or in the event that a 6 foot physical distance is unlikely (for instance moving around others). We have extra masks at church if needed.

5. Maintain six foot physical distancing in pews (families may bunch together).

6. Everyone will be seated from front to back by the usher in the center aisle. This is more formal, like a wedding, and will seat the most people.  Everyone will be dismissed row by row as well to avoid close proximity contact.

7. Families with young preschoolers have priority seating in the balcony.

8. Balcony stairs shall be designated: one for up traffic and one for down.

9. A sign will be in place outside the sanctuary with basic instructions on it.

10. Please “go before you go” (use the restroom at home first), but be assured restrooms at church are all open.  We just want to avoid running into each other in limited spaces if possible.

11. A picture will be taken facing the congregants which will document the attendees both below and in the balcony in case “contact tracing” is required at some point afterwards. These pictures are ONLY for our own internal use so that we can inform people who may have sat near someone who tested positive for COVID-19 later on.

12. There will be no coffee hour after church until further notice.

13. There will be no children’s church or nursery during worship, but we are working on creative ideas!