Senior and Junior High Youth Group

“The Crew” of Junior and Senior High youth are meeting together each week on Sunday nights from 5:30-7:30 pm with an optional “hang out” time until 8 pm.  Time to talk, snack, have fun, dig into God’s Word, and deepen our love of God and one another in ministry and mission.

Additionally we’re meeting on Wednesday nights (time to be determined) starting 10/3/18 in the fireside room (or pastor’s office), and it’s called “Going Deeper.”  It’s an evening to discuss together the current issues, concerns and trends in school and society in the context of biblical principles and truth.

Special Events Coming In The Next 9 Months (still in the planning stages):

Beach Retreat (spring)

A Snow Day (when there IS snow)

Youth Dynamics Multi-Day River Adventure (mid-summer)

Mission Trip to the Black Feet Indian Reservation (early summer)

Sun River Retreat (being researched)

Perhaps a summer backpack trip (5-7 days) in the North Cascades of Washington State.

Youth group leaders are pastor Bruce and Jenny.  Questions?  Please call the church @ 503-656-7444.