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Districts’ Luncheon After Church February 10th

Our annual lunch after church with our “district” elder and deacon will take place after worship on February 10th in the fellowship hall. We’ll be serving a wide variety of soups, including chili. If you wonder what district you are a part of, check your church phone book (the blue covered one) and look up the number associated with your name (like #4, etc). That # is the district you are in. Be aware new directories are coming out soon, so your district might change before we have lunch together, but there will be people in the hallway to help you figure that out.

Sermon Series: James (started January 2019)

New sermon series on James each Sunday. Join in!

Facebook Live Worship

Each week we live broadcast our worship service on Facebook, which begins at 10 am.  Join in by clicking this link to take you to our Facebook site

If you text us during worship we will most likely be able to respond as well.

God bless you!